Which Henna Hair Dye Colors Last The Longest and Look The Best?

Henna Hair Dye Colors100% natural hair dye from plants? Yes, please! The use of henna hair dye colors is growing in popularity due to the eco-chic movement. The use of unnecessary and unnatural hair and beauty products is discouraged and au natural is the way to go! How do you know which colors to choose and which ones will look the best on your hair? Read on to learn more about this hair color without ammonia to help educate yourself about the plant and help you make the right decisions for your hair.

Henna comes from the henna plant. As they mature they develop a high dye content. They produce white, pink, yellow, or red colored flowers but the dye is taken from the leaves and is used in many organic hair color brands.

There are three main types of henna hair dye colors-neutral, red, and black. Each dye yields different benefits and have different longevities.
Neutral henna comes in the form of a green, grassy powder. It stains blonde and grey hair yellow. It mainly helps damaged hair making it fuller, glossy, and healthy once again. Red henna is a natural red hair dye that comes in the form of a green powder. It stains hair with a translucent color that blends with your natural hair. It promotes thickness and fullness while promotes high shine. Black henna hair dye also comes in a green powder form and turns into an indigo color, providing a darkening tint to brown and black hair. The dyes are not permanent and last around 10 days. Black henna color lasts the longest and has dramatic darkening effects, so be sure that is the look you desire, for an extended amount of time.

The dyes transform the top layer of the hairs, so washing, flat ironing, swimming, and basically exfoliating will dull down the color.
To regularly keep up with your organic henna hair dye colors it is suggested that you visit the salon or update the dye in your hair once a week to see maximum results.

Step away from the salon or popular box mix! You do not need chemicals to make your hair shiny, voluminous, or tinted. Using henna hair dye colors ensures a natural way to look and feel your very best!

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