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Sudden Patchy Hair Loss – What Could It Be?

Sudden Patchy Hair Loss - What Could It Be?Sudden patchy hair loss can be scary and concerning for many people. Before you panic, you need to understand some of the main causes of this condition and what treatments are available.

10 Best Natural Hair Regrowth Methods For Women

 10 Best Natural Hair Regrowth Methods For WomenNatural hair regrowth methods are important for women who are struggling with the embarrassment and low self-esteem that come with patchy hair loss and other conditions that result in partial or complete baldness. Some holistic health practitioners swear by using natural methods to stimulate hair follicles and support overall health thus speeding up new growth. Read on to learn about the 10 best natural hair regrowth methods for yourself or your loved ones to try today!

Best Chinese Herbal Hair Loss Treatment

Best Chinese Herbal Hair Loss TreatmentHair loss can be upsetting and traumatic for many women. Don’t lose hope! There are many ways you can regrow and restore your precious strands by utilizing Chinese herbal hair loss treatments and using certain products that help eliminate patchy hair loss. There is an endless list of herbs that have been proven to be effective to help fight this ailment depending on the root cause of your condition. Read on to learn how you can use natural hair loss products and systems to finally stop hair loss for good.

Frontal Hair Loss Treatment For Men

Frontal Hair Loss TreatmentThere are several methods of frontal hair loss treatment, however not all of them have proven successful, so how do you know which process to choose to reverse hair loss? Whether you have hair loss vitamin deficiency, or patchy hair loss or Androgenetic Alopecia, there are frontal loss hair treatment options that can work for you.

If natural hair regrowth is not something you foresee, consider using onion juice for hair loss. It may sound crazy, but the juice of an onion rubbed into your scalp three times a week can rejuvenate hair follicles. You will need a juicer to properly extract the juice, and make sure you cover your scalp with a shower cap for twenty minutes after each application.