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Silk Vs Mink Lash Extensions – Which One To Choose?

Silk Vs Mink Lash Extensions - Which One To Choose?You definitely have heard of eyelash extensions before, but may not have known that they come in different materials! Silk and mink lash extensions and are some of the most popular false lashes to wear because they create a sultry and stylish look, which gives your usual beauty routine a kick. Read on to learn about both silk and mink lash extensions and which one is for you.

Fiber Lash Extension Mascara – Which One To Choose?

Fiber Lash Extension Mascara - Which One To Choose?If you choose to invest in natural, silk, or mink eyelash extensions, it is important to protect them. Many of your typical mascaras are not to be used on your false lashes because they contain glycol, an agent that actually weakens the bond between extensions and your natural lashes. Lash extension mascara is designed specifically for false lashes. There are many on the market, so it may be hard to choose one that will work for you. Here are some of the best brands of lash extension mascara that will give you the look you desire without weakening your false eyelash glue.

Novalash Eyelash Extensions Cost – Are They Worth It?

Novalash Eyelash ExtensionsWe go to great lengths to get exactly that – a great length! When it comes to our lashes, many fashionistas and beauty lovers go all out. Novalash eyelash extensions come with a cost – are they worth it?

If you desire longer, thicker, and darker lashes, semi permanent eyelash extensions may be for you. Novalash extensions have won many beauty awards, are very long lasting, and have been rated the healthiest professional extension system. You can purchase these adhesives in many colors, sizes, and textures.

Best Safe Mascara For Eyelash Extensions – Which One To Choose?

Mascara For Eyelash ExtensionsIf you invest in lash extensions, you want to do your best to protect them and extend their shelf life. So when you decide to enhance their luxurious look even further, opt out for the best and, most importantly, safe cosmetic products designed specifically for lash extensions. Choosing the best mascara for eyelash extensions is very important.