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24 inch hair extensions -Weft Vs Clip In Price Comparison

24 inch hair extensions -Weft Vs Clip In Price ComparisonWow! 24 inch hair extensions will get you that over the top, super long look you desire. You may wish to choose the classic clip in or weft hair extensions. Both methods of installation are different, and they also come with different price tags. Read on to learn about how you can purchase 24 inch hair extensions without going completely broke!

Human Clip In Hair Extensions For Black Women

Human Clip In Hair Extensions For Black WomenHuman clip in hair extensions are perfect to give your mane a makeover. You can instantly take your short or shoulder length locks to long and luscious lengths. Straight or curly hair extensions clip ins give women of color that look they desire. It’s simple and affordable as well. Read on to learn more about human clip in hair extensions for black women.

Geisha Hair Accessories – Secrets To The Modern Geisha Look!

Geisha Hair AccessoriesGeisha hair accessories and flawless Asian inspired eye make-up will give you the modern geisha look in minutes! You don’t need the traditional dress of a Maiko to sport a geisha look. You do need dramatic and boldly colored eyes, a slightly washed out look for your foundation and some elegant geisha hair accessories. You can add geisha touches to your appearance for almost any occasion! Whether you are headed to the office, going on a date or you are looking for hair pieces for weddings, small accents or a full out geisha look is a trendy and classy style.

Top 10 Most Unique Hair Pieces For Weddings

Hair Pieces For WeddingsHair pieces for weddings have become increasingly popular as brides move away from the traditional veil. Some brides are even using hair pieces for weddings to compliment their veils so they have both looks for their special day. There are many subtle hair accessories for brides, however, unusual hair pieces can create a unique touch to your wedding dress. Here is a list of the top 10 most unique hair pieces for weddings:

1. Geisha hair accessories are a hot look right now! Floral silk flowers and geisha hair sticks will definitely set you apart from other brides.

Feathers In Hair Trend – Hot or Not?

Feathers In Hair TrendThe feathers in hair trend has certainly taken off on a huge national and international level. The affordable rooster feather hair extensions are easy to add and easy to maintain. They also come in a variety of colors, which contributes to the feathers in hair trend maintaining a high level of popularity. As far as hair accessories go, the feathers in hair trend took off like a shot, but will probably wane soon due to environmental concerns.

If you take time to ask the right questions, you can find clip in feather hair extensions that are animal cruelty free.