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Natural False Eyelashes – Ardell Vs Revlon Beyond

Natural False Eyelashes - Ardell Vs Revlon Beyond Have you ever wondered how Hollywood’s female celebrities get their lashes to be so long, defined, curled, and thick? It’s not magic! They use natural false eyelashes. You can get that luxurious look as well by applying semi permanent eyelash extensions. Ardell and Revlon Beyond are two of the top natural false lash brands. Read on to learn how they are similar and different!

Best Safe Mascara For Eyelash Extensions – Which One To Choose?

Mascara For Eyelash ExtensionsIf you invest in lash extensions, you want to do your best to protect them and extend their shelf life. So when you decide to enhance their luxurious look even further, opt out for the best and, most importantly, safe cosmetic products designed specifically for lash extensions. Choosing the best mascara for eyelash extensions is very important.

Permanent Lash Extensions Vs Semi Permanent

Permanent Lash ExtensionsLash extensions are a huge trend in the beauty world. Whether you wear them for function or style, read on to learn about the differences and similarities between permanent lash extensions and semi permanent eyelash extensions.

The main difference between permanent lash extensions and semi-permanent lashes is that permanent false eyelashes are for those who have a significant amount of money to spend.

Cost of Eyelash Extensions At a Salon

Cost of Eyelash ExtensionsHave you ever asked yourself, “How much do eyelash extensions cost?”. Eyelash extensions liven up any look. They make eyes appear wider, and lashes lusher and darker. However, the cost of eyelash extensions varies. Read on to learn about professional eyelash extensions and how much you should expect to pay from purchase to application and regular maintenance.