Splat Hair Dye – A Splash Of Wild Color!

Splat Hair DyeIf you want everyone to notice your hair color when you are out and about, Splat hair dye is the only choice for you! Extremely bright, vibrant and wild colors fill the Splat hair dye color wheel and if you use Splat on your hair, people will have no choice but to notice. If you want permanent blue hair dye, “Fighting Irish” highlights, bright red hair dye or even orange fringe, Splat hair dye offers 16 loud colors to match even the wildest spirits!

Splat is not an organic hair dye, however they do not test their products on animals. If you are looking for organic hair products, you won’t find an all-natural dye that can dye your hair with the same intensity and vivaciousness as Splat hair dye. There aren’t a lot of professional products that offer the same wild colors. For example, Graham Webb hair products do not have “Screaming Scarlet” or “Bodacious Blue” as color options! Other colors include: Cherry Pop, Pink Fantasy, Lusty Lavender and Luscious Lemons.

If you want your color to last longer, you will need to bleach your hair before applying Splat colors to your strands. If you have light colored hair to start, you will not need to alter it. The darker your hair, the more you will need to lighten it if you are looking for a permanent wild look. Splat will cover dark hair in subdued tones on a temporary or sometimes semi-permanent basis. Splat hair dye is formulated to last longer than any other extreme color hair dye on the market. If you do not want to bleach all of your hair, bleach some highlights and cover the bleached areas with a Splat color to blend your natural hair with your wild side!

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