Framesi Hair Products – Italian Luxury For Colored Hair!

Framesi Hair ProductsFramesi hair products are not always easy to find! If your salon does not carry them, you can order them online. They carry a full line of hair products equal to any professional hair color brands, or best shampoo for color treated hair and best conditioner for color treated hair. Once you try Framesi hair products for any of your hair needs, you will be a loyal customer. Framesi hair products use minerals to replenish your hair to repair and maintain healthy strands. Hair breakage treatment will no longer be needed if you begin using Framesi hair products!

Framesi produces a glycerin free product that is renowned for being a great color care system. The line is called Biogenol Hair Products. Not only is the Biogenol line glycerin free, it is not tested on animals and is packaged in recycled materials. The Biogenol line is one of Framesi’s most popular for many reasons. Biogenol can be used for color-treated hair, dry and/or damaged hair and normal hair. It is also very reasonably priced for salon quality products. Framesi developed their Biogenal shampoo and conditioner to be used in tandem with the Biogenol color line. The hair coloring system has a reputation for providing great all over color that lasts without being too hard on your hair.

One of the most popular Framesi products is their Biogenal Ultra Deep Masque. The masque is made of vitamins and vegetable proteins in order to repair severely damaged hair, and protect already healthy hair from any damage. The Deep Masque is perfect for colored hair as it remoisturizes and strengthens each strand after hair dye potentially damages the hair. Italians can now say that they make the best food, and the best hair products!

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