Best Heat Protectant For Hair Straightening Vs Curling Compared

Best Heat Protectant For HairIf you are planning on applying heat to your hair by using straighteners or curling irons, be sure to educate yourself about the best heat protectant for hair options. While both the straightening and curling sprays and lotions provide heat protection for hair, they have some slight differences that make them different and unique. Read on to learn the difference between best protectant products for hair straightening vs best curling thermal protection for hair.

Straightening your hair can result in heat damaged hair. Using a brand of sprays and leave in conditioners, like Chi heat protectant can help alleviate damage cause by heating tools. The products protect your hair from heat inside and out while making it appear silky and shiny. The Chi products are not only the best heat protectant for hair that is being straightened, they are light weight and will not leave your locks feeling heavy or weighed down.

Curled hair also needs heat protection spray for hair. Curling irons tend to do more damage to your locks because you are clamping down and twirling the hair for longer periods than running a straighter quickly through it. The best heat protectant for hair that is curled comes from Pantene Pro V’s line of styling products to be used when curling hair. Micro-polymers help shield your hair from heat damage while providing set curls with a soft and gentle hold. Some of the sprays in the line even give curls definition and texture while remaining shiny and healthy looking. Locating protectant sprays that hold and help form curls while shielding from heat damage is necessary to achieving a just out of the salon healthy look.

Some straightening hair products also provide styling elements like volume and hold while protecting strands of hair from heat and breakage. Popular hair stylist, John Freida produced a line that holds and protects while styling straight hair, especially for women who have naturally curly hair or tend to get lots of frizz when making their hair straight when drying it. His Three-day Miracle products uses a Keratin heat formula that seals strands without weighing them down, keeping your hair glossy and smooth and is safe for color-treated or chemically treated hair.

Whether you plan on using a straightener or curling iron to style your hair, be sure to use the best heat protectant for hair in order to keep your luscious locks looking healthy and beautiful.

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