7 Benefits of Olive Oil on Hair and Scalp

Benefits of Olive Oil on HairThe benefits of olive oil on hair outweigh the negative. Besides being a useful cooking ingredient in the kitchen, olive oil can also make an appearance in your bathroom next to your beauty products and home remedies for dry damaged hair. Read on to learn about the seven benefits of olive oil on hair to help you incorporate it into your weekly beauty regimen:

1. Organic olive oil hair products are great for color treated or heat damaged hair. The completely natural oil saturates a dry and damaged scalp, gently soothing and healing it, resulting in shiny, healthy looking hair.

2. If you suffer from itchy scalp hair loss and split ends, using an olive oil helps relieve your uncomfortable and unsightly symptoms.

3. An olive oil treatment for hair only has to be used once a week to see maximum effects. Compared to deep and intense conditioning treatments that are time consuming and costly, the olive oil’s moisturizing powers are strong enough to last 5-7 days!

4. More benefits of using olive oil on hair are that it makes locks instantly softer. Create a conditioning hair mask by mixing together half a cup of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil that has been microwaved for 10 seconds, throughout your dry hair and seal it off with a shower cap for 20 minutes. Once you shampoo it out, your hair will become more malleable and look invigorated.

5. Olive oil controls frizz. If your hair is prone to frizz out in humid temperatures or due to the overuse of styling tools, put less than a pea size amount in your palm, rub your hands together, and then gently apply it over top of the frizz to mask fly aways.

6. Massage olive oil onto your scalp if you are prone to dandruff. It eliminates rough dry patches that cause flakes to fall onto the shoulders and backs of your shirts.

7. Coating your hair lightly with olive oil will help you style it. The more manageable your hair is, the easier it will curl and hold the style throughout the day. Dry hair that is curled tends to get drier and does not hold heat induced styles well.

The benefits of using olive oil on hair are numerous and provide a natural, efficient, and affordable flix for your stressed strands.

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